About Sentient

Sentient creates future heirlooms for all humans.

We imagine what humanity will be nostalgic about and long for in a future where we are bioengineered, cybernetic, traveling through space and living an interplanetary life.

Rapid change brings anxiety – Sentient pieces are designed as an antidote to upheaval, reminding us to be human; to feel, to listen, to see, to be present.


Sentient Pearls

Pearls, ones commonly used in jewelry are spherical, however they come in all different forms. Sentient carefully selects baroque pearls (irregular pearls) that have a thick layer of nacre, which ensures Sentient pearls to have none to minimal surface imperfection, and lasting shine.

Conventionally baroque pearls have been turned into representational forms, like animals, flowers, etc. Sentient celebrates the pearls’ organic individuality by studying each pearl’s form, surface, and shine, selecting a design that hides surface imperfections, and enhances the pearl’s beauty.


Precious Metal

What are the differences between different finishes/material?

Solid Gold
24k solid gold indicates the piece is 100% gold, expensive because of its high content of the precious metal. 22k, 20k, 18k, 14k gold are also common in the jewelry market, the lower the karat, the less gold the piece contains.

Gold Fill
Machine puts thick layer of gold over brass. Mechanically bond layer lasts a lot longer than plated gold.

Gold Vermeil
Micron plating over sterling silver, higher value metal but due to the white color of silver, when the plating eventually wears off, silver color shows underneath.

Micron Plating
5-10 times thicker than common plating, therefore last longer.

Most affordable option; lowest gold content and shortest wear.

Sentient Null Clasp

Intuitive screw clasp easy to put on or take off whether you have long or short nails.


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Made with intention — designed for the future.
Fair Price

We think selling at 10x the cost is outdated. By selling direct, we’re bringing you the very best quality minus the excessive price tag.

High Quality

We work with expert jewelers who use high quality and eduring materials. From precious metals, our handpicked fresh water pearls and ethically sources diamonds

Fast Shipping

We know you are used to free two-day shipping, so we offer that within the U.S for orders over $150, along with a free 30-day return.